The Maximus Launch Pad

“When an underdog wins, they win for everybody, because somebody gotta come through that door and break it open and make it possible” — Saint Jhn.

Why are we here?

April 27th, 2021 marked the entry of a small project called Maximus ($Max). A launchpad focusing on launching safe meme-influenced projects for the whole crypto community to partake in. Thanks to our great community, our entrance was loud, and we cemented our feet firmly on the ground, $Max is here to stay.

Due to the nature of our decentralized markets in the crypto world. Many bad actors can enter the space and take advantage. We don’t need to venture further into the micro details on this topic, you already know how that goes. This is why $Max was created, to launch safe projects, with an aim towards harnessing the vibrant spirits of the crypto community and making a positive impact on this world.

Where are we going?

We are a grassroots project, powered by our energetic community. Slowly but surely, we will continue to grow and improve in all aspects, making sure we listen to community. We may stumble, but we will always rise again and push forward, better than before. $Max is here for the people and we are here for the long run. Nobody expects the underdog to rise to the top. Together, we will beat the odds.

Our current aims

Here are a few bullet points on a few initiatives we would like to work on:

· Increasing liquidity for $Max

· Launching projects with more liquidity

· Setting up multiple avenues for charity donations

· Working on smoother launches

· Marketing push

· Creating an in-built launchpad on our website

Of course this is a non-exhaustive list. Plenty more areas to work upon but we will get there, step-by-step, one building block at a time.

Celebrating the first launch: $GRNNY

We did it folks! Firstly, the $Max and Granny ($GRNNY) teams would like to thank our community for the great entry that $GRNNY made. $GRNNY is one step closer to creating an all-inclusive NFT DeFi ecosystem that will essentially eliminate all entry barriers to the decentralized finance NFT market. Granny’s goal is to be a platform where you can mint anything on the front page. NO censorship! Don’t like a pic? burn $GRNNY to mint another pic over that current NFT.

Evaluating the setup

As most of you know, the original token was named $GRANNY and had been minted. Airdropping tokens to a few wallets, before the launch, was our first mistake. The contract leaked everywhere and there was now a very high risk of the launch being sniped by bots. This would have led to a very terrible ending for everyone. Our $max presalers would have been let down. Because of this, a new contract was made and rolled out *pats on back*. We have noted the lessons learnt.

Evaluating the launch

The new contract, $GRNNY was launched as an unverified token, to avoid sniping bots. Although it still remains unverified to this day, the launch proved successful (all thanks to our strong community) and $GRNNY reached the #2 position on Dextools top-trending. $Max holders were eligible for the presale and $GRNNY managed to reach an all-time-high 12x above listing price. Not bad for a first launch huh… All could not have been possible without our strong community and we look forward to stronger and louder launches.

On to the negatives (it must be done, reflection is important). Due to our inability to verify the token straight after launch, and the unfortunate event of Etherscan going offline, $GRNNY remained unverified. Combined with the fact that the project did not have a lot of liquidity (almost 5eth in pooled liquidity), the perfect recipe for FUD soup had been crafted and we ate a lot of it. We did our best, made the contract public and solicited help from other devs, sadly it was too late. This will not happen again.

What’s next for $GRNNY holders

To $GRNNY holders, please remain relaxed as we are committed to making sure you will be treated well. It’s only right since the launch was not executed perfectly. There are talks of launching a new $GRNNY coin on the BSC chain, this would also allow for cheaper NFT minting. Snapshots may be taken to see which wallets would qualify for an airdrop of the new tokens, specifics yet to be decided. Also, there is an option of $GRNNY holders obtaining special privileges in a future IDO (near future), snapshots may be taken. Overall, we are considering our options as we would like the $GRNNY holders to feel that they have been treated well. As we have said before, $Max is here for the people. Please feel free to offer up suggestions in the $GRNNY telegram chat, we are here to listen.

Signing off

Overall, the execution was not the cleanest but we feel the launch outperformed against the odds. We would like to thank you all so much. We are still the underdog, a grassroots project. However, we are getting better and leaving a larger footprint, step by step.

This is the beginning of something special, stay with us.

Launchpad for Meme tokens